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“Nation Red” review

by on Jan.02, 2013, under PC Game Reviews

Game: Nation Red
Developer: DiezelPower

 Enough with the zombies already …

One of the problems caused by having a marketplace packed full of zombie-based video games is that too many fresh-faced game developers feel obliged to pile onto that bandwagon. Five years ago, that might not have been an issue. Today, that metaphorical vehicle is barely visible, smothered under billions of decomposing corpses harvested from dozens of games, each struggling to showcase its position on how to deal with the undead. The trouble is that just about every game developer has an identical xenophobic view of zombies: “if it shambles and is undead … shoot it in the head.” If Maxis ever decides to design SimZombie (the ultimate zombie world simulation), complete with detailed infection vector models, human survivor hunting and zombie de-evolution mechanics, I’ll be there quicker than you can say “Muuaaaaaghhhhhh!” Until that dream is realised, it looks like we will continue to be bombarded with zombie shooters as mindless and insipid as the in-game protaganists. Unfortunately, DiezelPower’s Nation Red is yet another perfect example of this developer mindset.
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“Red Steel” review

by on Mar.04, 2010, under Wii Game Reviews

Game: Red Steel
Developer: UbiSoft

We take a look at one of the debut titles for the Wii console. Read on for the full review.

At its heart, Red Steel is your average first-person shooter set in the current day world of the Japanese Yakuza. You play the role of Scott-san, the presumably All-American boyfriend of a Japanese Yakuza boss’s daughter who gets kidnapped within the first five minutes of the game. In a fit of predictability, your mission is to track down your girl, whilst filling the streets and seedy buildings of Los Angeles and Tokyo with piles of corpses (sans blood) and shell casings. In addition, you also get to wield a Katana in some set-piece battles which gives you the opportunity to indulge in some casual sword play. There are roughly a dozen hours of intense combat within the story arc and there are some multi-screen death-match options as well, if you have a spare set of controllers.
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