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“Fragile Allegiance” Hints and Tips

by on Feb.23, 2010, under PC Game Hints & Tips, PC Retro Gaming

Surviving in the Fragmented Sectors.

This article was originally published in Computer Games Strategy Plus magazine.

Ok … so you’re a real-time strategy gamer and you’re looking for fresh challenges. You’ve grown sick and tired of Orcs muttering “zug zug” under their breath, KKND’s giant scorpions have you checking under the bed each night, and Tanya’s twin 45s inspire deep contemplation of the physical attributes of Lara Croft. Time to don your spacesuit, shoot up some tranqs and commence your illustrious financial career within the asteroid fields of Interplay’s Fragile Allegiance. Managing a TetraCorp franchise can be a real trial at times; the workers are restless, there are half a dozen alien races vying for the same minerals, and the user interface is a veritable “click-fest” at the best of times. To give prospective franchisees a head start in the Fragmented Sectors, here are some pointer’s that Miss Fong kindly passed o­n to me during my in-system “lay over” at the ambassador’s dome last month.
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