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“TacOps” Hints and Tips – Part 1

by on Feb.24, 2010, under PC Game Hints & Tips, PC Retro Gaming

Part I: Defensive operations: Holding off the OPFOR hordes.

When TacOps was released in 1994 for the Macintosh, it created immense excitement in the wargaming community. Finally, here was a game that re-created those satisfying hours spent in my youth, hunched over a paper wargame shoving piles of cardboard and generally watching my grade point average fall through the floor. Just admiring the screen-shots o­n the ‘net sent shivers of anticipation up and down my spine. There was just o­ne catch: I didn’t own a Macintosh. No o­ne o­n my street owned a Macintosh. Heck, even the local Macintosh outlet didn’t have a Macintosh, instead relying o­n large cardboard cut-outs to attract potential customers. Thus, the next two years were spent eagerly awaiting the release of the PC Windows port. Well, the big day rolled around a few months ago and, since then, I’ve managed to play through several dozen scenarios of what I must describe as a highly detailed and incredibly intense game. In past issues the designer, Major I. L. Holdridge, has graced these pages with some accurate tactical notes and tips, most of which have been included in the TacOps manual (I strongly urge readers to check out this section if you haven’t already!). What I intend to do is expand upon his previous work, exploring some of the operational procedures and strategies I’ve used in TacOps.
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