“DevastationZone Troopers” Hints & Tips

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Game: DevastationZone Troopers
Developer: CGS Software

Here are some hints and tips to help you get through some of the trickier portions of the game. Alternatively, you can use the cheat codes listed at the end of the article if you prefer.

· You can only purchase one upgrade per weapon after each mission. So if you’ve been saving all your credits up until later in the game, remember that you will not be able to upgrade your level 1 AP laser to level 4 unless you complete a mission between each upgrade.

· The proximity shield triggers when you take a lot of damage over a short period of time. This shield neatly destroys anything it comes in contact with including fortified walls. On the other hand when it’s activated, it is almost impossible to see what’s happening around you due to the shimmering visual effect … and you’re also probably being attacked by multiple enemies as well! In most cases, I’ve found that this is an upgrade that is just not worth the money and can actually be a liability in the final missions of the game.

· If you want to destroy walls, upgrade the Photon Cannon to level 4; you can then bypass a lot of fortified areas that only have shields across the entrances.

· Timed missions can be the most tedious ones to complete. If the timer starts later in the mission, make a note of the trigger event and try to complete as many tasks as possible before triggering the event. As each fortified objective area has a hard-coded number of enemies, try clearing these areas out first before triggering the timer event so as to reduce the amount of combat during the timed phase of the mission.

· Most areas of the battlefield will continually respawn enemies if you re-enter them after having cleared them out earlier (the exceptions are the fortified objective zones in most missions.) Back pedalling away from a threat in front of you can sometimes be the worst thing you can do!

· Check your mini-map for random opponents that are approaching you from the rear or sides on a continual basis.

· You will sometimes be required to find keys to disable force shields around some areas of the map. In most cases these are situated in a fortified area located near the force shield, so search rapidly through areas adjacent to force shielded areas; especially if you are on a timer!

· Focus on your mission objectives! Don’t side-track to pick up extra credits and ammo that are located away from your destination. You’ll only end up activating more opponents on the map! Nearly every other opponent that you kill will drop something useful for you to use so there is no need to go “off-mission” to pick up some extra ammo for your Photon Cannon!

· Finally, if you do get stuck on a tricky mission and you don’t want to use a cheat code, go and do something else instead for a while. There is nothing more infuriating that playing the same mission over and over again without success. Sometimes coming back to a game after a break can prompt you to try a different strategy that you wouldn’t have contemplated earlier that works perfectly.

DevastationZone Troopers Cheat Codes

Here are the main codes for DevastationZone Troopers that are applied by pressing down the “~” key and entering one of the following combinations:

– Infinite Health
– Infinite Ammo
– Get 50,000 Credits
– Skip Level
– Infinite Time

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