Quantum of Solace – Aiming (ADS) Bug? – Venice

by on Apr.08, 2015, under Xbox 360 Commentary

Here’s an interesting aiming bug that I encountered in the Venice level of the Xbox360 version of Quantum of Solace.

In most shooters (and in every previous level of this game), aiming down sight normally points the gun roughly at the center point of the initial aiming point. Imagine the surprise, disgust and violent rage I felt when near the end of the Venice level, the aim action behavior suddenly changed, causing the reticle to jump about 10 degrees to the left of the original aiming point. Every … single …time!

Note the following:
1. I didn’t show the 30 minutes I spent in the water earlier in the level where I was repeatedly dying randomly for no apparent reason at varying times after re-spawn (it appears that if you move when the building shakes death is more likely to occur). I was also being shot through walls (I believe my in-game position was NOT the one that I it appears to indicate on screen).

2. Restarting the checkpoint did not appear to fix this bug.

3. I was so sick and tired of this game that I had no intention of restarting the level to see if I could avoid this bug as I believed I was close to the end and there was no guarantee a restart would fix the bug anyway.

4. This playthrough was on the highest difficulty level. If you are exposed to enemy fire for about a second or so, you will die.

5. In addition, a grenade explosion nearby will reduce your health to a bit less than 1/2 (if it doesn’t kill you outright) and kicks you out of cover. This requires you to re-enter cover mode immediately or you will die (check out the silhouette health level that nearly bottoms out several times).

6. The building is shaking periodically. This causes the reticle to … wait for it … shake around uncontrollably every few seconds.

7. You are viewing the second successful attempt to get off the flooded ground floor. The first attempt had to be repeated when I plugged in my video capture gear to get a record of the bug and accidentally turned off the console.

There is a very good reason I why I have reinforced the walls of my gaming lair and why I sport bruised knuckles at work during my morning coffee break.

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