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Alphanerd Game On Podcast Episode 6

by on Sep.12, 2013, under PC Gaming Commentary

Recently, a friend convinced me to participate in one of his gaming pod-casts (in lieu of our normal weekly console gaming session). The results of my first excursion into the world of online audio can be found below.

You can check out some of Grahams other work at:

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Planetside 2 – Galaxy Shenanigans

by on Apr.30, 2013, under PC Gaming Commentary

Here are a couple of short videos highlighting just a few of the silly things that can occur when a Planetside 2 shutdown is imminent. For the record, Part 2 is shorter and funnier.

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Planetside 2 – Epic Flash Race, TR WG to NC WG, Indar

by on Apr.28, 2013, under PC Gaming Commentary

Back in March, TR were very, VERY bored … so we organised a Flash race. Undoubtedly a lot more exciting than racing ANTs in Planetside 1!

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Planetside 2 – Driving a Sunderer into a Bio Lab Dome

by on Apr.27, 2013, under PC Gaming Commentary

Without going into any specifics, it’s definitely possible!



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*FIXED* – Steam crashes when game is being backed up

by on Oct.19, 2012, under PC Gaming Commentary

Over the last few months, I’ve been plagued with persistent AppCrash errors when backing up Games within Steam. Checking the event log after the event invariably reveals a generic AppCrash caused by Steam.exe and Steamclient.dll

Given that I live in a Fascist state wherein our ISPs insist on restricting users to monthly download quotas, I’d prefer to store all my Steam games on-site rather then waste my allotment on repeated 5-10Gb game downloads off a Steam content server. A quick search of various forums revealed a number of proposed solutions however none of them worked for me, so I decided to perform my own investigation.
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Planetside – Stupid AMS tricks

by on Jul.18, 2012, under PC Gaming Commentary

As in real life, sometimes getting a decent park in Dagur’s courtyard on Esamir can be a real bitch. Here’s an example of how two desperate Advanced Mobile Station (AMS) drivers managed to sort out their differences without fisticuffs or firearms. No offence, Madiadk, but I got there first!

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Planetside – Magriders near Honsi on Cyssor

by on Jul.14, 2012, under PC Gaming Commentary

Here’s the answer to the question: “What do you get when you put 10 members from the “Knights of the Republic” into five magriders on a Saturday afternoon?”

This movie showcases a single “mag run” between Honsi and Faro on the Planet Cyssor on 7 July 2012.

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Planetside – “All Tech” Magrider Event Movie

by on Apr.18, 2011, under PC Gaming Commentary

After some persistent prompting from my Planetside outfit, I’ve finally taken the plunge and video-captured one of our recent outfit operations. This film (duration: 3′ 40″) was taken in March 2011 and shows the Knights of the Republic tooling around in Vanu Sovereignty magriders. Area of operations was primarily the north coast of the planet Ishundar between Irkalla and Kusag bases. From memory, we didn’t capture or lose either base however it was still quite an epic fight.

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