Alphanerd Game On Podcast Episode 6

by on Sep.12, 2013, under PC Gaming Commentary

Recently, a friend convinced me to participate in one of his gaming pod-casts (in lieu of our normal weekly console gaming session). The results of my first excursion into the world of online audio can be found below.

You can check out some of Grahams other work at:

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Planetside 2 – Galaxy Shenanigans

by on Apr.30, 2013, under PC Gaming Commentary

Here are a couple of short videos highlighting just a few of the silly things that can occur when a Planetside 2 shutdown is imminent. For the record, Part 2 is shorter and funnier.

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Planetside 2 – Epic Flash Race, TR WG to NC WG, Indar

by on Apr.28, 2013, under PC Gaming Commentary

Back in March, TR were very, VERY bored … so we organised a Flash race. Undoubtedly a lot more exciting than racing ANTs in Planetside 1!

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Planetside 2 – Driving a Sunderer into a Bio Lab Dome

by on Apr.27, 2013, under PC Gaming Commentary

Without going into any specifics, it’s definitely possible!



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“Kivi’s Underworld” review

by on Jan.23, 2013, under PC Game Reviews


Game: Kivi’s Underworld
Developer: Soldak Entertainment

2.5 llamas “Hack and Slash” without any addictive side-effects

When Kivi’s Underworld was released back in 2008, it was touted as a casual action RPG that could be experienced in short play sessions without requiring lengthy time commitments. While it is undoubtedly true that each of the thirty levels in this game can be completed in 15-30 minutes, I don’t believe I have ever found any game in this genre that “required” you to spend hours and hours incessantly playing. Even back in the late 90’s, the original Diablo allowed you to teleport back out to the safe haven of Tristan to allow you to execute the mandatory  post-caffeine consumption bio break most gamers require. At the end of the day, the only reason players immersed themselves in hour after hour of Diablo I and II, Fate and Titan Quest (to name but a few) is because those games were inherently designed to be as addictive as amphetamine-laced Tim-Tams. Developers understood that game elements like character building with skill trees and attributes, regular (and incrementally enhanced) loot drops and fast paced game-play was a near-perfect recipe to ensure gamers invested copious hours within these virtual worlds. Unfortunately, Steven Peeler’s (the designer at Soldak Entertainment) “bite sized gaming” solution to this problem was to develop an RPG with none of these addictive features present! (continue reading…)

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“Dungeon Defenders” review

by on Jan.16, 2013, under PC Game Reviews


Game: Dungeon Defenders
Developer: Trendy Entertainment

4.5 llamas Fantasy Co-operative multiplayer at its finest!

A challenging (and I do mean challenging!) co-op title that blends tower defence, third person shooter, phat lewt, RPG character development and cartoon visuals within a variety of fantasy environments. Despite some punishing difficulty, its warty claws of addiction won’t be relinquishing their grasp on your soul any time soon. Whether you like it or not, you’ll find yourself replaying, re-analysing, strategizing and screaming with rage “one more time” as you and your compadres repeatedly struggle to complete another fiendish map full of goblins, orcs and dark elves. Highly recommended!

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“Nation Red” review

by on Jan.02, 2013, under PC Game Reviews

Game: Nation Red
Developer: DiezelPower

 Enough with the zombies already …

One of the problems caused by having a marketplace packed full of zombie-based video games is that too many fresh-faced game developers feel obliged to pile onto that bandwagon. Five years ago, that might not have been an issue. Today, that metaphorical vehicle is barely visible, smothered under billions of decomposing corpses harvested from dozens of games, each struggling to showcase its position on how to deal with the undead. The trouble is that just about every game developer has an identical xenophobic view of zombies: “if it shambles and is undead … shoot it in the head.” If Maxis ever decides to design SimZombie (the ultimate zombie world simulation), complete with detailed infection vector models, human survivor hunting and zombie de-evolution mechanics, I’ll be there quicker than you can say “Muuaaaaaghhhhhh!” Until that dream is realised, it looks like we will continue to be bombarded with zombie shooters as mindless and insipid as the in-game protaganists. Unfortunately, DiezelPower’s Nation Red is yet another perfect example of this developer mindset.
(continue reading…)

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*FIXED* – Steam crashes when game is being backed up

by on Oct.19, 2012, under PC Gaming Commentary

Over the last few months, I’ve been plagued with persistent AppCrash errors when backing up Games within Steam. Checking the event log after the event invariably reveals a generic AppCrash caused by Steam.exe and Steamclient.dll

Given that I live in a Fascist state wherein our ISPs insist on restricting users to monthly download quotas, I’d prefer to store all my Steam games on-site rather then waste my allotment on repeated 5-10Gb game downloads off a Steam content server. A quick search of various forums revealed a number of proposed solutions however none of them worked for me, so I decided to perform my own investigation.
(continue reading…)

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Planetside – Stupid AMS tricks

by on Jul.18, 2012, under PC Gaming Commentary

As in real life, sometimes getting a decent park in Dagur’s courtyard on Esamir can be a real bitch. Here’s an example of how two desperate Advanced Mobile Station (AMS) drivers managed to sort out their differences without fisticuffs or firearms. No offence, Madiadk, but I got there first!

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Planetside – Magriders near Honsi on Cyssor

by on Jul.14, 2012, under PC Gaming Commentary

Here’s the answer to the question: “What do you get when you put 10 members from the “Knights of the Republic” into five magriders on a Saturday afternoon?”

This movie showcases a single “mag run” between Honsi and Faro on the Planet Cyssor on 7 July 2012.

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