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Quantum of Solace – Aiming (ADS) Bug? – Venice

by on Apr.08, 2015, under Xbox 360 Commentary

Here’s an interesting aiming bug that I encountered in the Venice level of the Xbox360 version of Quantum of Solace.

In most shooters (and in every previous level of this game), aiming down sight normally points the gun roughly at the center point of the initial aiming point. Imagine the surprise, disgust and violent rage I felt when near the end of the Venice level, the aim action behavior suddenly changed, causing the reticle to jump about 10 degrees to the left of the original aiming point. Every … single …time!

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“NBA Jam” Review

by on Jan.16, 2012, under Xbox 360 Game Reviews

Game: NBA Jam
Developer: EA Sports

  Basketball in its most vapid form …

If you’re writing an article focusing on why video game developers shouldn’t create arcade or “lite” sports games, NBA Jam should be one of the first games you add to your research list. A rather harsh opening sentence perhaps, but this offering from Electronic Arts deftly demonstrates how minimalist game-play just isn’t worth the price of admission.
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What I played on the Xbox 360 in 2010 (Part 3)

by on Jan.12, 2011, under Xbox 360 Commentary

Here is the final installment of the Xbox 360 titles I played last year. Once again this article’s focus is aimed mainly at some particularly dated games that I thought I’d play before I got around to their sequels. Of course, I still haven’t touched Halo Reach, Just Cause 2 or Lost Planet 2 yet.

Let’s hope I complete these games before more successors are published!

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What I played on the Xbox 360 in 2010 (Part 2)

by on Jan.10, 2011, under Xbox 360 Commentary

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, here are some more of the Xbox 360 titles that I toyed around with in 2010. I’ll apologise in advance for all the LEGO titles that I completed, however smacking the bejeebers out of beautifully designed LEGO environments is a great way to de-stress and get in touch with your inner 5 year old.

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What I played on the Xbox 360 in 2010 (Part 1)

by on Jan.09, 2011, under Xbox 360 Commentary

Another year passes and once again, I find myself woefully remiss in keeping up with my writing activities. I’ve got notes on just about every game I’ve played over the last few years, as well as assorted musings and conversations with various gaming developers and industry pundits. I’m just finding it increasingly difficult to spare the time to publish all these articles. After a couple of weeks of leave and some seriously needed down time I feel suitably refreshed enough to make my annual New Year resolution: “to once again apply stylus to tablet and re-commence publication of all my gaming activities, as well as any gaming news of interest that I might stumble across.”  

I have admittedly managed to break this regular promise on countless occasions in the past, but this year I feel more confident that I can follow through with my intentions!

Seriously …

No, I mean it! …

(sigh) …

Anyway, let’s start the ball rolling with a quick look at what I played on the Xbox 360 in 2010.

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“Mass Effect 2” bugs and glitches

by on Apr.07, 2010, under Xbox 360 Commentary

Here’s a list of interesting bugs and issues discovered during my initial play-through of Mass Effect 2 in early February this year. While none of them are game-breaking in nature, their presence does highlight just how difficult it is to buff and polish this latest generation of role-playing games.
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“Mass Effect” review

by on Mar.27, 2010, under Xbox 360 Game Reviews

Game: Mass Effect
Developer: Bioware

Put that copy of Mass Effect 2 on hold for 20 hours. You’ll be glad you did.

I have an embarrassing confession to make. Mass Effect, Bioware’s much hyped science fiction RPG, completely slipped under my gaming radar when it was released on the Xbox 360 several years ago. For some inexplicable reason all the hype, glowing reviews and internet kudos this game garnered in 2007 failed to register at any level within my cerebral cortex. This shouldn’t have been such a drama as I didn’t own Microsoft’s recent gaming console at the time. Unfortunately, I also failed to notice the PC version that was published roughly six months later. It was only the recent spate of media releases covering the imminent appearance of Mass Effect 2 (and my impeccable skills in counting that I picked up in Grade school) that made me think “Hang on a minute … when the heck did Mass Effect 1 come out?” As a keen RPG aficionado, and with a few weeks off during Christmas, I decided to embark upon a thorough investigation of Bioware’s original sci-fi intellectual property. After 50+ hours of gaming and three complete play-throughs, I’m about to expound upon the reasons why anyone who hasn’t yet experienced Mass Effect, should strongly consider doing so, and why potential buyers of the just released sequel should fire up its progenitor first.
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“Grand Theft Auto IV” Bitch List

by on Mar.23, 2010, under Xbox 360 Game Reviews

Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
Developer: Rockstar North/Rockstar Toronto

No, this isn’t Niko Bellic’s definitive guide to dating.

One of the rewarding benefits of writing articles for your own web-site is the increased latitude and scope available to you when choosing a topic for your penmanship. You can cover any subject you wish, you aren’t restricted to following editor-enforced formulaic review templates, and you can vent your spleen about any game you wish without the threat of losing your highly fancied freelance writing position. As it has been quite a few months since my last foray into “spleen venting”, I’ve decided to write today’s article on my love-hate relationship with Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) for the Xbox 360 … with emphasis on the “hate”.
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